Paterna BioSciences

From infertility to fatherhood.

Solving Male Infertility & Optimizing Offspring Health with In Vitro Spermatogenesis – A New Paradigm in Human Reproduction.

Paterna’s mission is to improve human reproductive health.

By partnering with IVF clinics to improve IVF success rates and offer personalized male fertility diagnosis and treatment.

By engaging men in optimizing their reproductive and offspring health.

By reducing heritable diseases passed through the human germline via diagnostics.

By expanding the market for IVF and facilitate IUI for couples.

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No one has solved the problem or taken our successful approach.

Did you know? There is currently no effective, FDA-approved therapeutic for male infertility.

After more than a decade of collaboration among the founders, Paterna has deciphered the in vivo environment for spermatogenesis and are applying it to in vitro spermatogenesis, facilitating the treatment of male infertility.

We started Paterna because our founders wanted to ensure that all couples could have healthy children.

We focus on male fertility and are developing in vitro spermatogenesis from stem cells to mature, healthy sperm, enabling IVF and achieving life- and world-changing results.

Of the ~3 million IVF cycles annually around the world, ~50% of these fail and a male factor causes ~50% of these failures.

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We have a serious commitment to solving Infertility.

Paterna has built the pillars for business success in in vitro spermatogenesis.

We’re making infertility history.

Who are we?
Paterna Biosciences is focused on creating the equivalent of Male IVF, a “blue ocean” opportunity by growing healthy sperm in a dish (in vitro spermatogenesis).

What can/will we achieve?
In vitro spermatogenesis would fundamentally alter the reproductive paradigm, improve human health, and put the care of male infertility on par with female fertility.

Who’s on our team?
We have a world-class team that has been working together for 10+ years, making groundbreaking progress.

The big picture
We have patented the process to use chaperoned machine learning techniques with single-cell RNA sequencing from over 200 archived healthy human testis samples to iteratively refine and test culturing techniques to achieve lab-based spermatogenesis in the near future.

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