Paterna BioSciences

We have a serious commitment to solving Infertility.

We know what healthy sperm looks like from stem cell to healthy sperm – that’s why we’re going to solve infertility first.

Paterna has built the pillars for business success in in vitro spermatogenesis.

We’re making infertility history.

By partnering with IVF clinics to improve IVF success rates and offer personalized male fertility diagnosis and treatment.

By engaging men in optimizing their reproductive and offspring health.

By reducing heritable diseases passed through the human germline via diagnostics.

By expanding the market for IVF and facilitate IUI for couples.

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Executive Summary.

Who are we?
Paterna Biosciences is focused on creating the equivalent of Male IVF, a “blue ocean” opportunity by growing healthy sperm in a dish (in vitro spermatogenesis).

What can/will we achieve?
In vitro spermatogenesis will fundamentally alter the reproductive paradigm, improve human health, and put the care of male infertility on par with female fertility.

Who’s on our team?
We have a world-class team that has been working together for 10+ years, making groundbreaking progress.

The big picture
We have patented the process to use chaperoned machine learning techniques with single-cell RNA sequencing from over 200 archived healthy human testis samples to iteratively refine and test culturing techniques to achieve lab-based spermatogenesis in the near future.

No one has solved the problem or taken our successful approach.

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The best of fertility, biotech, and business experience.

Our Experienced Team.

We’ve worked together for 10+ years.

We’re the leading experts in infertility.

We’ve secured ~$50M in NIH and HHMI funding.

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Alex Pastuszak

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Hotaling

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Brad Cairns

Co-founder and Chair of Scientific Advisors

Jingtao Guo

Co-founder and Bioinformatics Consultant

Hollie Chan

Chief of Staff

Kyle Orwig

Co-founder and Scientific Advisor

Danny Mitchell

Chief Financial Officer

Xichen Nie

Scientific Manager Designate

The Board.

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Antonio Pellicer

CEO, IVI-RMA Global Founder “Instituto Valenciano de Infertilidad” (“IVI”)

Cynthia Tsai

CEO of Healthquest, a Global Biotechnology and Medical Technologies Advisory Firm

Deirdre Conway

Intermountain Healthcare Practice Director Utah Fertility Center

Jim Hotaling

Chief Medical Officer & Co-Chairman Paterna Biosciences Inc.

Board Observers.

Carlos Blanes

Former Deputy CEO, IVI-RMA Global

Marc Entrecanales


Francisco Jiménez

IVI-RMA Chief Transformation and Integration Officer

The Advisors.

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Donald F. Conrad, Ph.D.

Chief, Division of Genetics, Oregon National Primate Research Center. Associate Professor, Oregon National Primate Research Center


Leading research in testis biology: developing methods for multiplex in vivo functional characterization of genes in testicular germ cells using shRNA and CRISPR and purifying testicular cell populations. Pioneering work in genome-scale analysis of DNA copy number variation (CNV).

Kenneth “Ki” Ivan Aston

Adjunct Associate Professor, Obstetrics And Gynecology & Associate Professor, Surgery, the University of Utah


Identifying genetic and epigenetic factors associated with male infertility. In addition, expanding fertility preservation options.

David Bearss

CEO Halia Therapeutics

Regulatory expertise. World-class medicinal chemist with multiple patents and several successful exits, most recently $790M for a CDK inhibitor compound.

Peter Thurlow

Chair, IP Medical Device Group at Polsinelli LLP


Intellectual Property

Amy Divaraniya

CEO & Founder at OOVA, Inc.


Entrepreneurship in the fertility field, working with academic hospitals, integrating technology into medical practice.