Paterna BioSciences

We drive testicular stem cells to develop into healthy, optimized sperm.

By enhancing the quality of sperm, we will significantly improve the likelihood of a successful and healthy pregnancy.

Our science & why we’re unique

We isolate testicular SSCs (spermatogonial stem cells) and use ligands and iterative chaperoned machine learning (our IP) to guide spermatogenesis. We will then send healthy sperm to IVF clinics for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

Our science will create healthy sperm that would otherwise not exist. By optimizing sperm, we greatly increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy.

50% of IVF cycles fail, with 50% due to a male factor.

Solving male infertility, once and for all.

Our patented process

Extract stem cells

Routine clinic procedure with minimal discomfort.

Add a combination of Ligands to stem cells

Drive spermatogenesis from SSCs (our IP).

Stem cell replication and maturation

The process of becoming sperm.

Extraction of healthy stem cells and sperm

Apply our patented method to mature and select optimal sperm.

Healthy sperm sent to IVF clinic

The largest IVF clinic system in the world is our partner.

IVF clinic performs ICSI, embryo transfer, leading to pregnancy

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