Paterna BioSciences

Invest in the future of male fertility

Paterna Biosciences is accelerating transformative advances in reproductive healthcare for men.

Male infertility: a global health challenge

Addressing a critical need.

30+ Years Stagnant

Male infertility treatment options have not seen innovation in over three decades.

50% IVF failure rate

Of the 3 million in vitro fertilization procedures performed annually worldwide, 50% fail.

50% male factor

Male infertility is responsible for half of all in vitro fertilization failures.

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In vitro spermatogenesis: the ‘male in vitro fertilization’ equivalent

Paterna’s breakthrough solution.

Paterna is pioneering In vitro spermatogenesis (IVS), a groundbreaking laboratory technique that creates healthy sperm cells outside of the body.

This innovative science has the potential to transform male infertility treatment and give hope to millions of couples worldwide.

Help us make global fertility history.

New treatment to make parenthood possible for millions of couples.
Be at the forefront of social impact investing in reproductive health.
First mover advantage in a vast, underserved market.

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World-class experts leading the charge.

Alex Pastuszak

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Hotaling

Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer

Brad Cairns

Co-founder and Chair of Scientific Advisors

Jingtao Guo

Co-founder and Bioinformatics Consultant

Kyle Orwig

Co-founder and Scientific Advisor